Crop and Straighten Photos in the Camera RAW Editor

This is the second video in a series of nine videos on the Camera RAW Editor in Photoshop Elements.

Open Photos in Camera RAW

Let’s open a few Camera RAW files to crop and straighten. 

  1. From the File menu, select Open.
  2. Press Ctrl or Cmd and click to select the files you want to edit.
  3. Click Open

You can see all your files in the filmstrip on the left.

Straighten a Photo

To straighten the horizon, select the Straighten tool and draw a horizontal line along the crooked horizon.

Press Enter or click another tool to see the straightened image.

Press Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z to undo your changes.

You can also draw a vertical line to straighten the image, too. This comes in handy when trying to straighten buildings. Select the Straighten tool and draw a vertical line along the building.

Notice that the straighten tool can straighten lines, but it can’t fix perspective. You will have to use the main Photoshop Elements editor to do that.

Crop a Photo

To crop a photo:

  1. Click and hold the Crop tool to display a list of crop aspect ratios. Select an aspect ratio from the list.
    • Normal lets you create a free-form rectangular crop. 
    • In addition to the aspects listed, you can click Custom to specify a custom aspect ratio. 
  2. Click and drag to make a crop selection. You can click and hold within the selection to move it around the image. You can also rotate the selection at each corner when you see that the cursor changes to a curved double-arrow.  
  3. Press Enter to view the completed crop or click on a different tool in the Toolbar.
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