Edit Preferences in the Camera RAW Editor

Photoshop® Elements

You can set preferences for the Camera RAW Editor that can help you make your images portable and enhance your workflow.

This video is part of a series on the Camera RAW Editor in Photoshop Elements. If you missed the other videos, visit my YouTube channel to watch them.  

Camera RAW Preferences 

To view or change the Camera RAW Preferences, press Ctrl or Cmd + K, or click the Open preferences dialog icon at the top of the Editor.

Applying Changes

When you change the settings and click OK, your preferences will be applied the next time you open the Camera RAW Editor. The changes will not apply to images that are currently open in the Editor.

General Preferences

Save image settings in Sidecar “.xmp” files or the Camera RAW database. If you save the changes in .xmp files, you can easily store  your original file and its sidecar file together. If you want to share your edits with a friend, or port your image and edits to another computer, use .xmp sidecar files.

Apply sharpening to All images or Preview images only.

Default Image Settings

Apply auto tone and color adjustments applies auto toning to all the images you open in the Camera RAW Editor. This is handy if you routinely click Auto in the Basic Panel to tone your image.

Make defaults specific to camera serial number. If you use several different cameras for your images, you can set defaults for each camera that will only be applied to images taken with that camera. WIth this preference, I can set different defaults for my Canon DSLR and my Canon mirrorless cameras.

Make defaults specific to camera ISO setting. You can also make defaults apply only to images that share the same ISO setting. The settings also only apply to images taken with the same camera. 

DNG File Handling

Ignore sidecar “.xmp” files This setting only applies if you have DNG images that were edited in programs other than Photoshop or Lightroom that produce .xmp sidecar files. This setting has no effect on DNG files that are solely edited in Photoshop Elements. All settings are stored directly in the DNG file and not in a sidecar “.xmp” file.

Update embedded JPEG previews. Medium size or full size.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use legacy undo shortcuts. This setting appears to have no effect in the Camera RAW Editor. You can click either Ctrl + Alt + Z or Ctrl +Z to undo a slider change in Windows. That’s  Opt + Cmd + Z or Cmd + Z on the Mac.

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