Making Cages Disappear in Camera

When you visit the zoo, some of the most interesting animals are found behind chain-link fences or in tight cages. Free them in your photos by using this technique.

Note: This technique works with DSLR  and mirrorless cameras and some super-zoom compact cameras.

To make a cage disappear:

  1. Use a telephoto zoom lens.
  2. Set the aperture to the widest setting such as f/2.8 or f/3.5. My zoom lens has an aperture of f/5.6 when fully extended, but this aperture works as well.
  3. Get the lens as close to the fence or cage as possible.
  4. Find an animal that is some distance away from the front of the cage and zoom in on that animal.
  5. Auto-focus may work for you, but if it doesn’t, change the focus to Manual to focus on the animal.
  6. If the fence is still visible, try moving the camera at different angles from the cage to see if you can make more of it disappear.

The fence and cage in the foreground may disappear completely or show faintly in your photo.

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